Where Dreams Come True

I realize that it has now been over three months since our Disney World trip. However, I have neglected to post an event that occurred that convinced me that the Walt Disney World Resort might really be the place where dreams come true, as it advertises itself to be. Yes, there is the fact that I had my wedding reception there, an event which I thought would never take place. However, I had a dream that predates my desire to want to marry David. This dream went back to childhood. In fourth grade, I lied to my fourth grade class about being born in New York, and I told my Primary teacher that I would never get married or have children because I wanted to make this dream closer to a reality.

To understand this dream, you have to be as excited and amazed as I was that I saw these two people playing a game of Keep-Away with their daughter at the pool at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Does anyone else know who these people are?

I’ll give you a hint – her elongated muscles should give her away as classically trained by this master. I recognized her by these traits before I actually figured out who she was. And then, when I looked at her husband, it was jaw-droppingly obvious who it was that was staying at the very same resort where I was staying…

Give up?

That is Darci Kistler – principal dancer with the New York City Ballet. She was the last dancer with the company truly annointed by Balanchine himself before he passed away. And who is her husband? Peter Martins – legendary Danish dancer, partner to Suzanne Farrell, and now Ballet Master in Chief for the New York City Ballet. Not only has Darci Kistler been my favorite dancer for quite some time (her autobiography was one of my favorite adolescent books), but I had pictures of her and Peter Martins from Dance Magazine’s feature on the restaging of The Sleeping Beauty, pinned up on my walls. (If you don’t believe me, you can go here for a picture of them, not in their swimsuits for a comparison. Note: her hair isn’t blonde anymore, this is what originally threw me.)

My dream of course, was to dance with the New York City Ballet. Unfortunately, my body never has worked quite like a Balanchine dancer. I had to content myself with attending performances of NYCB when I visited, and later lived in New York. That was as close as I ever thought that I would come to such greatness.

However, this was an opportunity to good for me to pass up. It was an opportunity for my dream to come true, albeit in a much more informal way.

I took the opportunity to do a grand jete into the pool. I then did pique turns in the water.

It counts. I, like Homer Simpson, can now saw that I have lived out my lifelong dream.

Thanks Mickey, for having a resort where ballet royalty brings their daughter.

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