Go to the Azores!

Ponta Delgada, the capital of the Azores, is a four and a half hour direct flight from Boston. And yet, so few Americans actually go. This is really a shame. And in the following, I propose a list of reasons why anyone who likes the following should consider going to the Azores.

You are fascinated with volcanoes and their effect upon the landscape including the following:

– Desolate volcanic landscapes resulting from recent destructive eruptions –

– Bubbling steam pools emanating pungent sulfuric smells, but strangely enough, delicious mineral water –– Giant calderas resulting from cataclysmic eruptions from thousands of years ago –

-Hot springs fed warm water waterfalls, perfect for swimming –

-Delicious desserts, aptly named “chocolate volcanoes” –

You love animals, in particular:

– Funny ducks –
– Sperm Whales –– Bottle-nosed Dolphins –

– Curious Cows –

– Cows who enjoy living on the edge –

You receive a thrill from terrifying road signs:

Hydrangeas are your favorite type of flower:

You hold a warm place in your heart for old Portuguese forts and castles –

You would love to spend an afternoon relaxing on a beautiful black sand beach:

You enjoy feeling sea-worthy by looking at sailboats and lighthouses:

You enjoy quaint small towns with character:

You dream about exploring lava rock caves, created from the force of water and used by 16th century pirates to hide their loot.

You just love seeing aesthetically pleasing places. In fact, you crave beauty:

If any of these statements applied to you, then I strongly consider going to the Azores.

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