We’re In the Club!

David and I have joined the club of hybrid ownership. Today, we purchased a Saturn VUE hybrid. I think it is really pretty. David, on the other hand, is not a fan of the color. He doesn’t like blue (because he thinks it looks like BYU or Utah State colors, and he wants everyone to know that he is a Utah fan).

We had the complete car dealership experience. We ran an errand during our test drive (just like Kramer did). We got donuts (they didn’t run out, like they did for poor George Costanza). I even begged David to take me to lunch at Arby’s (so I could say, “I had the roast beef”). Sigh. I think I will forever think of car buying like that one Seinfeld episode at the Saab dealership.

We then enjoyed the XM radio on our drive as well as the many other features. I have never had a car with leather seats, after all. Think of the poor cows who gave their lives so that we may save a few bucks on gas.

Note: you cannot see it completely, because of my poor photography skills, but we were listening to the Moody Blues “Timothy Leary.”

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