Let’s think about Zimbabwe

So this is absolutely unacceptable. Mugabe not only has once again effectively banned Morgan Tsvangirai’s opposition party in the weeks leading up to the presidential election, but he has also banned foreign aid groups from delivering much needed food aid to Zimbabwe’s empoverished people. Why has he done this? Well, in effect, he wants ONLY the Zibabwean government (meaning, his government) to have the power of providing food sustenence for the people. In other words, he is trying to use food as a weapon of control. In fact, the linked article points out that food is only being handed out to supporters of his party, and that in order for people who support the opposition candidate to be able to get food, they must hand in their identifications that allow them to vote.

How incredibly shocking this is. And how incredibly disconcerting it is that Thabo Mbeki sits idly by and doesn’t do or say anything about this crisis. I know it is far too much to expect that Western leaders will do very much (except make speeches with denunciations)…

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