I Made These…

Yes, I have finally entered the relatively net-saavy world. I actually created a website and also an operation using JavaScript for my computer class. Yes, I know. I am now officially the next Bill Gates.

Do you want to see these works of beauty? Well, I have good news, while enjoying my very first website, you can learn about poetry and public transportation. That’s right. If you have ever been riding a bus or train somewhere and seen a poem and thought to yourself, what is that? Now, you can get some answers. Here is my Poetry and Public Transportation website.

Now for the Javascript page. If you enjoyed playing MadLibs as a kid, then you might enjoy my JavaScript Madlibs. The pictures at the top of the page give you a hint as to what the story is about. (Note: this application works better if you have Firefox than if you are using Internet Explorer as your Browser, in which case the story might not pop up).

Have fun. And be kind.

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