Elitism, Sexism, and some other "isms" at its Worst

Although I have pretty much resigned myself to the fate of Hillary Clinton not winning the Democratic nomination, I want to be clear that I absolutely support her staying in the race until every last citizen has been given the opportunity to vote. I appreciate that about her.

And I agree with the sentiment expressed in this editorial by Froma Harrop. I am so disgusted by the way that Obama and his surrogates are acting toward Clinton supporters at this point in time, well, it just makes me want to spit. To hear about college students mocking West Virginia farmers literally makes me furious. This whole sense of entitlement expressed by Obama supporters, that their votes are somehow wise and all-knowing (and therefore should matter more than the rest of us dumb-Clinton folk) is so obnoxious. So much for democracy. Foregone conclusions are the order of the day.

As someone who values rural America, I appreciated this blog post from No Quarter because I think that Obama has neglected rural, working Americans at his own peril. And frankly, the kind of uninformed elitism (that mocks the notions of democracy in which I believe) that he seems to be comfortable in doing little to overcome makes me very doubtful that I could ever pull the lever for him in November.

Not to mention the fact that this great “post-politician” politician, as Obama proclaims himself to be, (what made him made about Rev. Wright, that Rev. Wright insinuated that he was just a “politician” after all) seems to blame every mistake that his campaign makes on someone else. It is never his fault, because how could it be? He is the Second Coming, after all…He isn’t a politician that we should at all be skeptical of…

And since I am dogpiling on the political op-ed pieces today (after such a long hiatus of doing so), here is one more that I absolutely agree with about the sexism that this campaign season revealed. Amen, sister.

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