In Honor Of. . .

It has taken me awhile to post this, because if has taken me a little while to emerge from the state of shock that I was first in when I heard about this news. But, my little sister, Melissa, is engaged. I guess she really isn’t little anymore, but she will always be my little sister to me, inasmuch as I will always want to try to protect her, because she is one of the most amazing people on the planet. I, like Elizabeth Bennet’s father in Pride and Prejudice, cannot imagine how anyone could be good enough for her. And because I haven’t met this guy yet, I am not yet to the point where I can say, that he is worthy of her. But hopefully, when I do meet him, then those concerns will completely go away. Melissa explained to me on the phone all of the reasons why she thinks he is good enough for her, and since she is so smart, her judgment must count for something.

But Melissa is a fantastic human being. She is kind, patient, and spiritual. She had to survive sharing a room with me when we were growing up, and anyone who can bear that can probably bear just about anything. She is always handy to have around when you spot a bird that you don’t recognize. Not to mention that she can booty dance better than anyone this side of Beyonce.

Of course, I shouldn’t be so surprised, as Melissa always was the cutest!

This Jordan better treat her well, otherwise, I know people.

Congratulations Schmelissa!

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