The Disney Magic Continues

Tuesday night was the first night that we spent at Disney’s Port Orleans, French Quarter resort. This was the resort where our families were staying for the wedding. The setting and landscaping was slightly more calming and pictureqsue than the gun-toting cartoon characters at the All Star Resort. This was the view from outside of my room:

Wednesday morning I had to make alot of phone calls in order to make sure I felt sufficiently organized. David went ahead and went with his family over to Epcot. Before I got ready to head over to Epcot, I made sure I was sufficiently prepared for the sun, once again:

When I arrived at Epcot, I was unable to get David on the phone. So I decided to ride Mission Space. Big mistake. I have never felt so sick after a ride as I felt after Mission Space. It could have been that I didn’t eat breakfast, it could have been that I was dehydrated, or it could have been that I spent an hour and a half waiting in line (the longest I have ever waited for a ride at Disney World, I might add). Whatever it was, when I finally caught up with David after the ride and he told me that his family was eating Fish and Chips at the UK in the World Showcase, I was not excited.

If I wasn’t feeling well, at least I was in a nice setting. In addition to the weather being fantastic (as it was the entire time we were at Disney World), it was also the Epcot Flower and Garden show which meant I was treated to even more displays of Disney’s gardening prowess – in the form of giant cartoon-shaped shrubery.

Here are Donald and Daisy Duck as beach volleyball players, for example:

David and his sister Allison do not appear as impressed with the flower and garden show as I did. At least not in France:

I, on the other hand, loved their perfume garden, particularly the hydrangeas, my favorite flower:

After doing a brief tour of the World Showcase, I still wasn’t feeling well, so I decided to go back to the hotel and rest up before dinner that night. When I got back to the hotel, my parents had arrived, although my Mom had gone to the airport to pick up Sarah and Melissa.

Everyone made it back to the hotel in time for us to head over to the Grand Floridian Resort for our family dinner at Citricos, with both my family and David’s family attending. The restaurant even gave us our own special keepsake menus for celebrating the occasion with them. We were all excited to be eating (just don’t look at my Mom’s expression)-

Except David’s niece Abby, that is. She couldn’t stay awake. The servers eventually made her a bed out of a couple of chairs.

David and I were happy once again to use the special occasion to savor another cruel, yet delicious dinner of foie gras ravioli and veal shanks.

We were particularly happy when dessert came – here is Melissa contemplating her creme brulee.

But I got a crown with my dessert!

After dinner, family pictures were taken with my entire family, and the remaining members of David’s family who were still present, which included David’s parents and his two sisters, Lindsay and Allison.

Back at the hotel, we discovered in my parents’ room that David and my special gift to all of our arriving guests had arrived for my parents. It was a welcome basket of assorted goodies but included Mickey gloves and ears.

Which made Melissa very excited and look even more adorable than usual.

Melissa and I topped off the day with a swim in the Port Orleans pool (which had a fantastic slide in the form of a tongue out of a dragon’s mouth).

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