So much to Say: Sun – Tues, Wedding Week

It has been a couple of weeks since I have last updated my blog. I have been quite busy during that interim. If it was just moving and schoolwork that kept me busy, then I probably would be really annoyed by this point in time. But in between all of those busy work things, I also had probably the best week of my life in Florida. Oh yeah, and as a part of that week, David and I got married on March 28. Of course, the aftermath of this blissful time means that I am far behind with schoolwork, and now I have many thank you cards for gifts that I also have fallen behind on. Eventually, I will get caught up. I will also eventually get caught up with putting some pictures online for viewing by the general public.

In the meantime, until I find this ample reserve of down time in order to do all of those things, here are just a few pictures from our arrival on Sunday morning through Tuesday.

We took the redeye into Orlando, and arrived Sunday morning at about 7:00 am. We went from there to our first lodging location – Disney’s All Star Music Resort. We checked in, made a quick wardrobe change and were off to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the one park at Disney World that David had not been to before.

David is enjoying a break after riding the Aerosmith Rock and Roll Coaster. Fun ride, but tremendous downside: One must spend the entire time waiting in line listening to Aerosmith music. We had about a 45 minute wait in line and that was too long.

Highlight of the day: meeting the cute British kids, Aaron and Essie while Fastpassing the Hollywood Tower of Terror. The phrase “in the bath” will never be the same to me again after Aaron’s story. Also, why can’t American kids have such excellent vocabularies?

Highlight of the day #2: The replica of the NYC Public Library that adorns the scenery there. Even fake libraries are fantastic.

We went for dinner at the Messers’ hous, where I was able to meet Trista, Richelle’s five month old daughter and my first “niece.”

This is my favorite shot of the All Star Music Resort. This statute is in the middle of the pool. I am not sure why they have the animated creature, wearing a sombrero holding two guns, but I just thought it was hilarious.

Monday was a less action-packed day. It involved running some errands, including securing our marriage license at the Orange County Clerk of Court’s office. I posted a link to that website, because the Clerk of Court, Lydia Gardner, has to be one the most vain, self-absorbed people to have ever lived. There are pictures of her literally all over the office. I should have asked one of the employees if they ever got tired of looking at her face, because I sure did and I was only there for forty-five minutes.

After the clerk’s office and a delicious lunch at Chick-Fil-A, we had some time to spend at the outlets there (Barneys Outlet!), where I found a lovely Mark Jacobs coat and a cute dress from Barneys (that I decided to wear for our honeymoon portrait session in the Magic Kingdom later in the week).

We then were off to our spa appointments at the Grand Floridian Spa. We had pedicures, manicures, and facials, and came out from our appointments feeling so much more relaxed.

Doesn’t David look relaxed?

What about Me?

Tuesday morning, we woke to a delicious breakfast of Mickey-shaped Belgian waffles with strawberries.

We were off to the Magic Kingdom, where I could stop and admire how lovely my toes looked from the pedicure that I had the day before.

Yes, I did ride Splash Mountain in a skirt, but as instructed, I removed my hat for safekeeping. By the way, the hat was wonderful. I had no sunburn or major skin issues to speak of for the wedding. Sun protection is the way to go.

We rode the Jungle Cruise, but I was disappointed. It was not the same as I remembered it. Sure, the animals are all still fake and the jokes are all still corny, but rather than being delivered by 20-something guys who are trying to figure out what to do with their lives and working at Disney World in the meantime, the jokes are now delivered by pudgy AARP members. I told Melissa not to even bother with the ride. It isn’t worth it anymore.

We had dinner reservations that night at Les Chefs de France, so we headed over to Epcot, where I had the chance to snap this picture of David in front of my favorite World Showcase attraction, Norway, because of its troll-rich ride “The Maelstrom.”

I will pick up with Wednesday when I write again.

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