A change in Tune

I have been negligent from the Blog for a few days. But I have a good excuse as I have been incredibly busy finishing school work for the term, packing, and organizing. Now I have some good news to show for it:

1. I finished my last paper for the term on Monday. It wasn’t my finest work, but I am fine with that.

2. I got an interview at Georgetown for a reference position in their library! Yes, that Georgetown. I am so excited, that I have even forgiven their basketball team for knocking Carolina out of the NCAA tournament last year. My interview is on April 18, which doesn’t give me too much time to prepare a presentation on a fascinating subject of reference work. However, they did want to do the interview on April 3, which absolutely would have been a nightmare. At least this way I have a few weeks to prepare when I get back from Florida.

3. This piece of good news has absolutely nothing to do with my own merit, but it is closely related to the last item. I am so excited for North Carolina in the tournament that I can barely contain it.

4. This is also closely related to the last two posts – in the past week, there have been postings for jobs at Wake Forest and UVa. This means that if I don’t get the Georgetown job, then at least I can be excited about other potential jobs. Oh, and there were some jobs posted for CUNY in New York as well. All is not lost, even with a sour economy.

5. I have so much packing and moving to do, but at the end of it all, on Saturday I am leaving for Florida. Even if it was just for the weather alone and a chance to get out of the Seattle gloom I would be estatic, but the fact that I am going to get married and see my family and so many great friends means that I am even more excited.

So how is that for a happy, upbeat post for a change?

One thought on “A change in Tune

  1. HAPPY UPCOMING WEDDED BLISS!!!! I am so stinking happy for you!!!! And I know you will get offered a million jobs; I just FEEL it! This is your year for dreams coming true, woman!

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