Not to spend too much time pointing out the completely hypocritical, but if Geraldine Ferraro can be demonized because she has pointed out that Obama’s race has been helpful in his campaign (and not solely because of identity politics, but because of the hope of many Americans to move beyond racial identity politics and the fact that Obama, for whatever reason, appeals to many Americans for that reason), then why aren’t there more news articles examining why Barack Obama has belonged to a church for seventeen years where the pastor race baits all of the time?

I am trying to process this and what America’s messages about the role of race are these days. There is an excellent editorial in the Wall Street Journal today about the Obama campaign and how they have used race in this presidential race. The last thing we need is a president who isn’t subject to any criticism for his policy positions (or lack thereof), because to do so would be to be branded a racist (or a sexist for that matter).

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