Mississippi, the day after

Hillary lost. No surprise there. However, she did exceed my expectations. I said she would be lucky if she received 30% of the vote. It looks like she got about 38%. Not bad in a state where African-Americans made up 65% of the electorate and went went 90% to 9% for Barack Obama. Mississippi and race…it just goes on and on and on that way.

Although Barack won Walthall County with about 62% of the vote, Hillary did win Lamar County with about 61% of the vote (I like to think that I had something to do with that by convicing my cousins to go vote). In fact, she won most of the counties in Southeastern Mississippi, which were also the counties deeply affected by Hurricane Katrina. It appears that they know who they trust in responding to a crisis. Hillary also won most of the counties in Northern Mississippi as well. That isn’t so surprising because their demographics mirror Tennessee more than the rest of Mississippi. You can see the map of the

Anyone who doesn’t think that identity politics isn’t playing a huge role in some of these primaries are fooling themselves. It certainly plays out that way in the South. Republicans frequently vote for someone because of their religious affiliation, Democrats vote based on race.

How far away are we from countries like Kenya and their votes based on ethnic identity? It is hard to say sometimes.

Sptizer resigned. I don’t really want to say too much about it, except that man spent approximately $80,000 on prostitutes. To spend $80,000 on anything is pretty crazy, but to spend it betraying his family when he could have been saving it for educational expenses for his daughters is just disgusting.

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