How Depressing

I hope that I am not the only one who is completely depressed over this Elliot Spitzer business. Elliot Spitzer was one of the few politicians that gave me hope that politics could actually be an honest business. When he was the Attorney General of New York, I wholeheartedly supported him. I thought he would be a great governor. It turns out, he has no problem being as hypocritical as the next guy. While prosecuting prostitution rings, it turns out, he was also utilizing them. I can’t imagine the immense hubris of someone who thinks that he can get away with it and thinks it is okay for him to do something that it is wrong for someone else to do.

His hypocrisy is one thing, but another thing was his response, characterizing his illegal choices as a “personal matter.” Perhaps if it was just some run of the mill affair, he might be able to get away with saying that it was a “personal matter.” But he broke the law.

What bothers me also about his “press conference” today is what bothers me in general when these sex scandals break – the wives of these politicians standing there beside their husbands. It happened with Senator Craig that way; it even happened with Governor McGreevy that way. Just for once, in the middle of these press conferences I would like the wife to just lose it and start yelling at her husband about what a liar he is in front of the media.

I also would note, you don’t see these walks of shame for female elected officials. For whatever reasons, women in political office aren’t complete idiots when it comes to sex. And that is another reason I will prefer the lady candidates.

Even the self-proclaimed ethical can fall.

One thought on “How Depressing

  1. This TOTALLY pissed me off, for all of the reasons you mentioned, but also because I dragged my ass outta bed to vote in Spitzer’s election because I was so in love with him and so convinced that he had the potential to make significant changes. Now he’s proven himself to be just like every other man who gets a little power… don’t EVEN get me started….

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