Remember the Day?

Remember the day when my only obsession in the month of March was basketball? Sigh, those were good days. To that end, here is a great article about Tyler Hansbrough. That guy is such a hard worker. I love the work horses. Also, interesting not as talked about fact – Tyler’s brother, Ben, plays at Mississippi State. I love this interesting coincidence – my Mom went to Carolina, my Dad went to Mississippi State, the Hansbrough brothers represent the Streets, yo.

Speaking of Mississippi, tonight, I spoke to some of my Mississippi relatives. Even though it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that Obama will win the Mississippi primary next week, I just would like for the percentage of his victory to be as small as possible (which is a tall order, I am aware). I think that I convinced some people to vote in the Democratic Primary next week, even though they are all Republicans. How, you ask? Well, I just told them Obama was a Muslim. No, that was a joke. I didn’t do that. In fact, my cousin Danielle asked me if that was true, and I told her that absolutely wasn’t true, that Obama was a Christian. In fact, I referred them to the Trinity United Church of Christ website so they could see first hand that Obama’s church is a Christian Church.

The interesting part that my dad was telling me is that two of his collegues, who are African-American, at work were talking about how they feel no obligation to vote for Obama because he is African-American. They don’t think he has enough experience to be President. I like hearing that it is possible, even in Mississippi, for people to move beyond racial politics.

It has been a long time since “Here’s to the State of Mississippi…”

Here is an older article from the Houston Press, from a reporter who has a long history with Obama, that I found fascinating. I don’t think that his arrogance is a recent attribute acquisition.

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