But I can’t help but post this email that David sent me just a few minutes ago regarding some under-reported poll numbers that should be of interest:

The news I wish the media would report on…
Polls from the last couple of days:

General Election – Rasmussen- McCain 47, Clinton 44; McCain 47, Obama 42
Pew Research – McCain 45, Clinton 50; McCain 43, Clinton 50
Basically Hillary and Barack do the same at the national level.

However, here are a few state contests I found interesting.
Texas: WFAA/Belo TrackingMcCain 50, Clinton 46; McCain 49, Obama 42
New Jersey: Mason-Dixon McCain 39, Clinton 50; McCain 45, Obama 43
Tennessee: Middle Tennessee State McCain 45, Clinton 38; McCain 50, Obama 36
Florida: Mason-Dixon McCain 49, Clinton 40; McCain 47, Obama 37

It just seems that with Hillary, she is doing better in the swing states and is actually more competitive in the quasi-swing states like Texas and Tennessee. I think with Hillary, states like Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee become harder for the Republicans to defend – I actually think she wins Arkansas and Nevada and would not be surprised to see any of the others fall in her collumn. I also think she does better in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania than Obama would. I will give that Obama makes states like Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi more competitive, but I still think they go to McCain. I believe that states like Missouri and New Hampshire are a wash on Obama or Hillary – they do about the same. To be honest, I would take being competitive in Texas over all of the states in which Obama could be competitive.

Okay, no more political posts from me for at least the next 24 hours. Unless it is about British politics. I just watched that ABC Special on the Queen, and oh man, I love that lady even more.

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