Bridging the Divide?

See the David Ignatius column in the post.

I seem to be quoting conservatives alot these days (but these articles do bring up some good points). Sigh. But there is still time for Hillary to win, so I can’t help it.

That time may be ending shortly, though. To that end, I post a link from the UK’s The Guardian that has me thinking about things. I don’t want to write up a eulogy for the Clinton campaign, so badly, and yet, the realistic side of me that led me to support Hillary so strongly believes that the time is coming. I wanted to post a link to this article because for whatever reason, European media can discuss gender and politics in a much more authentic way than American media can. And since this race began, I have been struggling to wrap my head around why so many educated, articulate women hate Hillary Clinton so much. Perhaps as women, we all have a little to much self-loathing going on.

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