Look before you Leap Year

When I was walking to school this morning, I tripped and had a terrible fall. I was wearing a heavy backpack and once I tripped, I felt like a snowball rolling down the side of a mountain because I had too much momentum and I couldn’t stop myself. I haven’t fallen that hard since well, probably since I fell down the side of a mountain on a hiking trip in Utah. Even when I broke my foot in New York I didn’t fall that hard.

The good news is that although I ultimately landed on my face, my lower body absorbed enough of the momentum from my fall that I didn’t knock a tooth out or something (which would have even been more traumatic considering that the wedding is in exactly four weeks). The bad news is that I think that I quite possibly did some serious damage to my right knee. Aside from the surface level skin that got ripped off, my right knee really won’t bend so well now. I am afraid that I pulled some ligaments or something. After spending considerable time cleaning up my knees they now look like this:

They have swollen in very strange patterns. Just like when I broke my foot and then I didn’t go to the emergency room until 4:00 p.m. the next day, I think that I will sleep on it tonight and then see how they feel in the morning before I go waddling into the doctor’s office.
This whole experience makes me even more bitter against Seattle and its CRAPPY, UNTENDED sidewalks. I ran in stilettos in New York and never once fell on a sidewalk (NOTE: the foot breaking incident happened in a road, not on a sidewalk), and here I can’t make it through the day generally without tripping somewhere. I know I haven’t grown any clumsier here than I was in New York.
If my knee really is messed up, and it affects my wedding (or my ability to walk around and enjoy Disney World), I don’t think that I will ever forgive Seattle.

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