It is getting Weirder and Weirder

Okay, I know that I am breaking my promise not to post anything on the Presidential Election, but this cultish new video from Hollywood praising Barack Obama is absolutely hilarious. I really mean that. I also like the whole strategic element to it – it showcases Hollywood African-Americans, Latinos, and members of the cast of Friday Night Lights! Hmm, I think this was clearly meant for Texas.

Oh yes, it also has the adulterer Ryan Phillippe. Because who he supports is clearly going to dictate my choice for president. I highly recommend this video, for the creepiness of it. If I were an undecided voter, this might make me a little bit frightened. The chanting really is over the top.

But please, everyone – We must vote for Obama because Jessica Alba needs a cleaner world for her baby and Obama is our only hope!

Also – I thought this was an interesting observation from Slate, about who really is winning the “Democratic” Primary. Democratic superdelegates should take note of that, in my opinion. Yes, nowI have broken two of my rules in this entry as I also had sworn off Slate as well.

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