Bad News All Around

I thought that not posting about presidential politics anymore would make my blog content more upbeat. But is difficult to be upbeat when the economic news in this country is uniformly depressing. The dollar hits an all time low against the Euro (so much for that European honeymoon). Oil and gas prices are headed for all time highs (I am sorry for anyone who is driving to the wedding). But the Fed keeps signaling that is going to drop interest rates which just exacerbates these two problems. Granted, I don’t have a PhD in economics, and people say that it is easier to get growth back on track first and then deal with inflation problems (considering that we are now dealing with the stagflation problems of the late 1970s), but the whole inflation thing just bothers me. We are not yet Zimbabwe with six figure inflation, but I don’t like it one bit.

Perhaps these economic problems would trouble me less if I had already found a job for when I am done with school. Unfortunately, I have not, and the two jobs that I have applied for, at Duke and Georgetown, I have not heard anything back from. I guess I am going to have to consider applying for that Alabama job after all.

2 thoughts on “Bad News All Around

  1. The state of the economy is depressing… even worse, some guy on the mclaughlin group (which i don’t normally watch) said that japan’s economy was going to spiral into a recession much worse than the U.S.’s and i found myself thinking “YESSSSS!” i was happy to know that at least some other first world country was going to be worse off. gross. you’ll get a job, of course! but you SHOULD apply for every job you are qualified for, just to get interviewing experience, have leverage, sad about missing your wedding…. booooo.

  2. I know about the Japan feeling. I have this sick, secret desire for the European economy to slow down as well so that I can afford to go to Europe in June. This is not a good feeling, and I try to root it out of me. We will miss you so much in FL!

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