Moratorium on Presidential Politics

Today was the day when I have just decided that I have had enough. I am going to attempt not blogging about the Presidential election anymore. My opinion is really just my opinion, and I just realized today that the entire country has gotten too out of control over this whole election. The family fist-fight/choking/stabbing incident over the Democratic Presidential Primary that happened in Pennsylvania reminded me too much of countries where it is impossible to have an election without violence of some kind, and I am just not comfortable with this at all.

And here is a happy start. I was on the phone this morning with my Disney florist for the wedding coming up in a little over four weeks this morning. We were discussing some other treats for our guests to throw in and it just made me so excited that so many of my favorite people are going to be in one place. Although I have several essays that I have to finish writing before this quarter is over, I pretty much spent the rest of the day thinking about how excited I am to get married and thinking about other touches to the festivities.

Here are some happy pictures from our family’s first trip to Disney World, many years ago.

What I really appreciate about this picture is my sleeveless sweatshirt. I clearly was obsessed with the notion of two mice falling in love. Although I am certain that my five year old mind wasn’t consciously aware of it, I love that this shirt offered a nice sense of foreshadowing that here I am, twenty five years later having my wedding reception at Disney World.

These are happy pictures for all of us, although, maybe not for Mom in this shot, considering we had just gotten off the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, and she did not appreciate Dad’s strength in spinning that teacup.

For kids, we sure were happy in Reagan’s world; even with the unfortunate fashions (I think the Donald Duck hat is poised to make a comeback, though).

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