Of all the Stupid Things that the Utah Legislature has done…

This one has to be the stupidest. Because of three stupid state senators in Utah, additional funding for the IB program failed. Their reasons for voting against this program though are truly ridiculous though. According to them, the IB program is anti-American. I could rant about the complete ignorance of these three senators on the Education Committee for hours. However, I think I will just let the words of Senator Darin Peterson speak for themselves:

Sen. Darin Peterson, R-Nephi, said he was prepared to vote in favor HB266 as he walked into last week’s Senate committee meeting until he conducted an Internet search linking IB with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). After reading a line in reference to “worldwide socialization and training for a global work force,” along with words such as “independence movements, exploitation and colonialism” his decision became clear. “Socialization has been a failure everywhere it’s been tried,” Peterson said. “It’s not the system we work in, and it’s not the system that pays our education bills.”

Um, Socialization and Socialism aren’t the same things. Perhaps, if you had an IB education you would understand that.

I could talk for hours about how lucky I feel to have attended an IB high school. I could talk for hours about how much better prepared for college I was because of my education. I could talk for hours about how so many of my high school classmates are doing amazing things now, in part, because of the education we were offered through the IB program. Clearly, these three legislators who are being spoonfed “concerns” by Gayle Ruzicka and the rest of the Eagle Forum crowd in Utah don’t have the first idea what is going on in the IB program. They just see “International” in the title, and find out that the “IB” program is headquartered in Switzerland and shout socialism, communism, and horror of all horrors, the UN!

I guess according to these Utah legislators, teaching critical thinking skills and requiring community service as a pre-requisite for graduating with an IB diploma is anti-American. It is truly distressing how narrow-minded some people’s views of what is “American” is.

You can listen to the audio of the committee meeting where the IB bill was voted down here (click on the audio from Thursday, February 21). Skip ahead to 1:28 minutes. You will hear from the sponsoring senator, an IB coordinator, a coordinator for gifted programs, and a PTA president. Then you will hear some propostorous things from Senators.

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