Baffled, As Usual

With all of these losses, one might think that it might cause me to like my chosen candidate for President less. Nope. It actually has the opposite effect. I become more and more convinced of just how badly we need Senator Clinton as President.

It is funny, because I live in a world where the people that are all around me support Senator Clinton, so I am constantly baffled that Barack Obama has this huge base of support and that his supporters can base their support on rational, policy reasons. The only supporters I hear are the people that I described at the caucus and the young, ill-informed college students that are around me. I would like to have a conversation with a rational Barack Obama supporter. I am sure that there are some somewhere, I just don’t know them (or perhaps they are just afraid to tell me about their Obama – love, considering I haven’t kept my feelings on the subject particularly private).

Interestingly, even my friend Patti, who is on the exact opposite side of the political spectrum for me thinks that, by process of elimination, Hillary Clinton is the best candidate left in the Presidential race, and that she would vote for her. Wow. So I am a little surprised that Barack’s legions keep thinking that he is the only one that could draw a base of support from Republicans. Granted, Patti is just one person, but she is a rational and logical person, so if she can think rationally and logically about Senator Clinton, then I think that other rational and logical people could also think that way about her.

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