Sisi wanawake!

Down for the count with the flu (which couldn’t have come at a much worse time, I might add), I have been trying to do schoolwork from bed. I found this article in the NY Times today about President Bush’s trip to Tanzania, and the excitement of the Tanzanian people over the presidential race. As usual, leave it to the Tanzanian women to speak with a sense of prudence and practicality. It reminds me of the village women’s meetings in Ndengele in the summer of 1998 – shouts of “Sisi wanawake!” The women were the people in the village actually getting the work done. It is interesting that the women interviewed in this article were both for Senator Clinton.

As for as the Tanzanian man who expressed the view that if Obama is elected that America will pay more attention to Africa, as much as I wish that were the case, I would have to tell him, “Don’t count on it.” If Obama’s campaign is any indication of what his priorities are, then Africa isn’t high up on his list.

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