Ready to Caucus for Hillary!

Hillary was fantastic last night. Pier 30 was packed, her flight was late, but it was worth every second. She spoke about real specifics – environmental policy, building a green-based economy, making college more affordable and improving opportunities for non-college bound children, building international coalitions and using force only as a last resort, providing true universal, affordable health care. I don’t have enough space here to go into all of the specifics, but it was a great night. I was amazed when she talked with specificity about all of the technology companies in Seattle who are doing things for the environment. She named them individually. I am just glad to be supporting a candidate who is actually capable of telling me how she is going to change things and who talks in prudent, practical terms.
Elites and the higher tax bracket may be for Obama, but last night, I stood with people who are legitimately concerned for their futures and the futures of their children, and they know we don’t have time for a president who knows more about the art of rhetoric than soving problems.
The governor of Washington, Christine Gregoire announced she was supporting Obama today. She has to be one of the worst governors ever – she hasn’t done anything in her time as governor. We have crumbling infrastucture all across the state and she hasn’t done anything to force anyone to make the tough decisions here. If that is the kind of politician that supports Obama, I am happier than ever to support Hillary, and ready to caucus on Saturday.

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