Obama is a Debate Pansy

Obama is so unbelievably arrogant these days and is afraid of appearing weak. Thus, he has refused to sign on to the weekly debates, proposed by Hillary Clinton.

At his news conference, Obama also rejected calls by Clinton advisers and some Democrats for more televised debates; the Clinton camp had proposed one debate a week through March 4.
“I don’t think anybody is clamoring for more debates,” Obama said. “We’ve had 18 debates so far.”

Maybe it is just because he knows that he gives terrible debate performances? Perhaps, because he senses that he seems more uniformed, and that voters can see through to his lack of substance when he is actually having to answer detailed questions about policy. No, he prefers to continue to wow voters with his exciting oratory.

It is too bad, when American voters can see the two candidates side by side, it isn’t hard to see the differences between them.

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