Not Related to Politics…

But still related to hypocrisy, I found this NY Times article about Google’s reaction to Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo interesting. Considering that Google acts with near monopolistic power in so many aspects of the internet, particularly with regard to web searching, I found their stance against Microsoft at least more than a tad hypocritcal. Perhaps they just don’t want someone else challenging their monopoly?

While Microsoft may not have a history of being entirely pro-competition, it appears that Google is now also trying to do its best in trying to stifle competition in areas where it has gained the advantage.

It is just another interesting development that to me shows maybe Google is getting just a little bit too big for its britches.

Note: I realize that this blog is hosted on a domain that is owned by Google. Yes, I realize it is a little bit hypcritical of me to Google bash and use their products. But the more I learn about Google, the more I am a little distressed by the presumptions their company makes (I HATE ADS ON THE SIDE OF ME EMAIL THAT REFLECT WHAT MY EMAIL IS ABOUT!!).

If you can find the PBS documentary, created by the Netherlands Public Broadcasting called “Google: Behind the Screen”, watch it. Some things about what Google wants to do give me nightmares.

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