Overstating the Record Again

I have been trying to avoid being too political lately. But I can’t help myself on posting this link to a NY Times article with Obama, once again overstating this record and NO ONE CALLING HIM ON IT (except the NY Times, of course).

Is he going to say that he forgot that this bill that he sponsored, that lost all of its teeth to actually do much of anything didn’t actually pass? What is his excuse for this one?

Not to dwell on this total hypocrisy of the Obama campaign, but isn’t he always hitting on the Clinton campaign having “muddied” interests because her advisors also have corporate clients? Well it appears that Mr. David Alxelrod, Obama’s chief strategist also did some work for Exelton, the nuclear company who was allegedly the target of these proposed regulations (until Exelton’s proposed amendments were accepted by Obama and resulted in him changing the bill).

Still not convinced? Check out these other two articles about Mr. Obama similarly exaggerating his record while on the campaign trail. One is from the Chicago Tribune, and one is from the AP. Both showcase his rhetoric deviating wildly from his actions.

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