Pretty Words do not Stop a War, Senator

So after another violent day in Kenya where an opposition lawmaker was slain, amongst many others, and it appears that the country could be slipping into a civil war, Senator Barack Obama goes on Kenyan radio and says the following:

“Now is the time for all parties to renounce violence. Now is the time for Kenyan leaders to rise above party affiliations and past ambitions for the sake of peace,” Obama said. “Most troubling are new indications that the violence is being organized, planned and coordinated.”

Thanks, once again, Senator Obama, by proving that you have NO SUBSTANCE whatsoever. All you know how to do is speak a pretty rhetoric. He has absolutely no experience or know how when it comes to real international conflict management. Nor does he really seem to care. It is so frustrating and annoying that Senator Obama spends more airtime in Florida, violating the pledge agreement he signed not to campaign in Florida, than he does on actually doing something substantive to save lives where he has the clout to make a real difference. Last night, after the State of the Union, he spent all of this time on the national news channels, among other things saying that he wasn’t campaigning in Florida. At least be honest and say that your campaign is running television ads there. Last time I checked, that was campaigning (and a clear violation of the pledge that states there should be no electronic campaigining).

I am just so tired of his blatant hypocricy. My other favorite this week is that he claims that the vote in South Carolina trumpets the triumph of “new ideas” over the old, and then the next day, is up on stage receiving the endorsement of Senator Ted Kennedy, one of the oldest politicians around. That was such a joke.

It is frustrating, because so many people buy into this rhetoric. Rhetoric is what got us into trouble with George W. Bush. At this point in time, can anyone truly say that they have any idea what he believes? One day he is touting Reagan (the ads in Florida are about how great he gets along with Republicans), the next day he is courting Senator Kennedy. Is anyone else concerned at all that Senator Obama seems to be malleable to conform with whatever person he is sharing a stage with? I guess that is what “post-partisan” politics is all about.

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