Cocktail Waitresses of America Unite for Hillary!

So the good news from the day is out of Nevada where Hillary Clinton was victorious in the caucuses today. My favorite story I have read so far is by Joel Klein about caucusing on the strip. I love that Hillary emerged victorious from the caucus in the Bellagio (despite the Culinary Workers Union’s endorsement of Obama) and that she had the cocktail waitresses to thank for their riotous support. I am so happy to see so many women from all walks of life lining up to support Hillary. It is also pretty gratifying to see the Latino support for Hillary as well, but that is because she has been quite firm in supporting comprehensive immigration reform that offers a path to citizenship for people who have been working hard in our country and contributing to our economy.

Today, while Hillary was winning in Nevada, I was attending a caucus training session here in Seattle so I can help her win here in Washington. I am skeptical of caucusing, because I love secret ballots in primaries, but it will be an interesting experience to vocalize my support for a candidate in a public forum. So I want to go to the caucus equipped with the skills to persuade others to vote for Hillary. I think the most beneficial part of the day was when we worked in small groups to tell our own individual Hillary stories, ie – why we were supporting Senator Clinton. It gave me a new perspective of why others support her so strongly as well.

And there is a remote possibility that because of my attendence, I might soon be famous too. When giving my “Hillary speech”, I was filmed by two television crews (and was then interviewed by one), and also interviewed by a writer from the Seattle PI. Keep a look out in the media. I haven’t had this much press coverage since I spoke out in all of those Provo City Council meetings about rezoning Provo to keep students out of family neighborhoods.

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