Picture Pages! Picture Pages!

I am so excited to come home from school these days and see what is awaiting me from the daily mail delivery. I haven’t been this excited about mail since we lived in Monticello, Mississippi and my sisters and I would wait by the mailbox for the Picture Pages to arrive. We would cheer outloud when the mailman would deliver that large envelope into the box, anxious to complete the Picture Pages with Bill Cosby on PBS later that week, wishing that we had a magical, musical pen as he did. Now, I am anxious to review the contents of the daily mail to see who has returned their R.S.V.P. card for our wedding in March. I get so excited, I want to let out a little cheer each day that I am greeted with those tiny ivory envelopes. If the person has returned an “accepts with pleasure” I excitedly fill them into my seating table chart with all of the excitement of a four year old completing her educational worksheets with Bill Cosby.

Of course, getting married also means that you get other unexpected treats on your doorstep. Those boxes are fun too. Like the R.S.V.P. cards remind me of how lucky I am to know some pretty amazing people and how much I have to look forward to having so many of my favorite people gathered together in one very fun place on one very happy day.

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