Addendum to the last post

I wanted to post a quick follow-up because I just saw this article about tonight’s debate. Apparently now, Obama regrets that his staffers prodded the press to ask so many race related questions of Hillary Clinton. But that is the problem with race every becoming an issue – once it inserts itself, it doesn’t just as easily take itself out. Furthermore, based on Obama’s own statements this week, I find it a little politically calculating that now he wants to take the race discussion out. Maybe it is because he feels like it has done the damage to Hillary Clinton that he wanted it to for upcoming (ie South Carolina) primaries? And now, he wants to take it out because he now runs the risk of turning off white voters by keeping the race debate going?

It is totally brilliant strategy on his part. He is turning out to be quite the campaigner.

Note how the article also talks in terms of race about Nevada and the Culinary Worker’s Union lawsuit going on, by making it sound like that people who filed the lawsuit against the state democratic party are trying to disenfranchise minorities. Or maybe they just want to make it fair for people who are members of other unions and work at locations off the strip and they would like them to be able to participate in caucuses too (in other words, give everyone the same opportunity to participate in caucuses). I don’t think that has anything to do with the race of the people who are in the Culinary Workers’ Union. But the press likes to play up the race angle, because that sure is a lot more sexy.

Also, here is another good read about Clinton’s appearance on BET last night.

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