A Break from the Political

Here is a non-campaign related post today. Today, I discovered the perfect outlet for my animated approach to watching North Carolina games. . . running on the treadmill at the gym while watching the game. I generally have too much energy when watching a North Carolina basketball game; I shout at the TV, stomp on the floor, and throw my hands all around to the extent that it is dangerous for anyone to sit next to me. Running on the treadmill while watching the game allows me to get all of my emotion out, but in a more constructive way. Furthermore, today I discovered that running on the treadmill while watching a North Carolina game means that I can run much longer than if I was just running on the treadmill generally. This is because I have these reserves of energy that suddenly come to life during a game. When North Carolina is walloping another team, as they were doing for NC State today, I just can run and run and run. Also, I don’t want to give off of the treadmill either, because I want to watch the whole game (or at least the entire half). It is an extremely useful fitness technique for me. If only North Carolina played six days a week, then maybe I could run for an hour on the treadmill all the time.

Let me follow up that paragraph with a sentence that will cause anyone I know who reads this to do a double take – I am applying to a reference librarian position at the Duke Law Library. I know. I know. But it is an awesome position – it would allow me to teach legal research and supervise the faculty research assistant program for law students. The likelihood of me actually getting this position probably isn’t that high, but it is the first job posting that I have seen that has made me really excited. Plus for me, North Carolina is the ideal place to live. Nothing about potentially working at Duke says I have to be a Duke basketball fan.

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