A Cause not a Campaign

I thought this article by Matt Bai in the Times was an excellent analysis of the Obama campaign these days. That is kind of how I feel about Obama’s feel good speeches, alot of feeling, not alot of substance, like he is hawking a cause.

By the way, if anyone is interested as to why I am putting so much campaign related content on my blog these days, it is because I am prepping for the February 9 Washington State caucus (should there be any doubt as to who the democratic candidate is by that point in time, which is probably highly unlikely). I have never participated in a caucus before, as I have lived in states that seemed to have the more rational approach of having a primary, but if the powers of persuation matter, then so be it. I will have a response to every single person who tries to sway my vote to the big O, and not only a response, but a consideration as to why they should consider changing their vote as well.

On that same note, here is another Times article that people considering voting for Obama should consider – regarding his refusal to actually vote yes or no on substantive, controversial bills in the Illinois State Senate (instead chosing to vote “Present.” You can imagine the situation in the White House – Mr. Obama, how should we reform our nation’s outmoded immigration system? Obama – “URrr, Present.”). The article points out that is the approach commonly taken by people worried about “their record” for their next election; perhaps common for some politicians, but wait. . . Hasn’t Mr. Obama presented himself as an alternative to politics as usual? I thought he was supposed to be principled and resolved? It seems like worrying about elections perhaps is a higher priority than making principled stances on issues.

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