Barack and Kenya, an Update

So apparently yesterday, Obama did call the president of Kenya. It took him long enough.

I also received the following email from his campaign. It is funny, because it is some form email that didn’t respond at all to the question that I sent him on Sunday which basically was, “Why haven’t you done anything or said anything publically about what is going on in Kenya?” Instead it says:

Dear Leslie,
Thank you for contacting me. I have been deeply troubled by the recent news out of Kenya. The instability and tragic violence pose an urgent and dangerous threat to the people of Kenya, and to Kenyan democracy. My family’s thoughts and prayers go out to all who have suffered, and to the families of the victims.The Kenyan people have a proud history of supporting the growth of democracy in their country. Their thirst for democracy was on display in this most recent election, when they turned out to vote in record numbers, and in a peaceful and orderly way.
Despite irregularities in the vote tabulation, now is not the time to throw that strong democracy away. Now is a time for President Kibaki, opposition leader Odinga, and all of Kenya’s leaders to call for calm, to come together, and to start a political process to address peacefully the controversies that divide them. Now is the time for this terrible violence to end.
Kenya’s long democratic journey has at times been difficult. But at critical moments, Kenyans have chosen unity and progress over division and disaster. The way forward is not through violence – it is through democracy, and the rule of law. To all of Kenya’s people, I ask you to renew Kenya’s democratic tradition, and to seek your dreams in peace.
Thank you again for contacting me, and for your concern.
Barack Obama
———————-Paid for by Obama for America

I have to admit, I am a little confused by his email, namely, does he think that I am Kenyan and that is why he is addressing the Kenyan people in his email to me? And secondly, once again, he wins the award for general good-speak with not alot of substance, nor any real action on his part (except for telling the Kenyan people to “seek your dreams in peace” which is so general and ridiculously stated that it really almost makes me want to hit him on the head and demand “Is there anything substantive in there at all?”). It also a shocking lack of knowledge about Kenya, namely that that they don’t exactly have a good history in regards to that whole multi-party democracy part, nor actually having leaders who left office after elections. But hey, what is fact and actual details when you have an opportunity to pander and offer some more obvious generalities in the name of ensuring enough vagueness so that it seems ridiculous not to agree with you?

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