A Chance for Obama to Show His True Compassion

Kenya is devolving into a bigger and bigger mess right now. It is actually the top story on the CNN page. Barack Obama is Kenyan. His grandmother is there. His extended family is there. On his trip there recently, he was treated like a king or an important chief. Yet strangely, he has said NOTHING about the violence that has engulfed that place. He has made no effort to assist his family members, or work to try to stop the violence. Why? Because he is more obsessed with his own ego and ensuring his victory in the presidential election in the US than he cares about helping his family and a country that is his heritage. This disgusts me. I love East Africa. If I had one token of the influence that Barack Obama should seemingly have in Kenya, I would be working my tail off to stop the violence there. I checked his website. He doesn’t even have a statement about what is going on there. That says alot about Barack Obama to me. He should be utilizing this opportunity to actually be the person that he claims to be in his speeches. He should be the agent of change that he speaks of being when he is speaking to sold out crowds of people in New Hampshire. But he hasn’t done anything.

It is all about self-promotion. I am more persuaded by the real passion that Hillary Clinton displayed today than Barack Obama’s words without substance. So much for the “Dreams of His Father.” His father’s country is a mess and the son couldn’t care less.

3 thoughts on “A Chance for Obama to Show His True Compassion

  1. leslie–i’m glad that you post this stuff…. I have such a hard time believe that clinton can ever come out of the machine she’s created (or that has created her?) and do the things she says she wants to… I think of all of those campaign contributions, all of the people she (and bill) already owe(s), and i have a hard time imagining how she will ever get anything truly good or beneficial done, which is why i look to obama as being my only hope for real change in america and in (what i perceive as) a government owned by big business. However, when you say you believe in Hillary, and you show me why, it makes me think harder. So thanks. I still don’t know what to make of most of the claims thrown around in this election, and I need all of the help I can get. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU. Plus I’m excited for your wedding!!!

  2. Thanks Olivia! I am shocked that anyone ever takes seriously anything that I say, since I am generally a rambling idiot about things. I agree, Hillary does have alot that makes her unlikeable, due in part to entrenched Washington status, but sometimes, when it comes to actually getting things done, it doesn’t hurt to have a few different things up your sleeve. To me that seems a little more pragmatic. But that is just my little opinion.I am excited for the wedding too!

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