What is wrong with Iowa?

Yesterday was not a good day. It is too bad, because it was David’s 30th birthday, and I wanted it to be a great day, but when you live in a country where people decide on who to vote for based on what Oprah tells them to do, and where people’s bigoted views of religion can determine an election on the opposite side of the political spectrum, it is very easy to not have a good day on the day of the Iowa Caucuses. First of all, there is something profoundly antidemocratic, and something that stinks of a middle school popularity contest in the way that the Iowa Democrats handle their caucus system. What ever happened to the notion of a secret ballot? Whatever happened to the notion of one person, one vote, where you don’t get second chances? Aren’t there election laws that protect voting precincts from political signs and campaigning the day of the election? I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised that such a system functions in a place where celebrity and conformity mean so much to the average person.

And don’t even get me started on the Republicans. The fact that people are having group prayers at polling places is more than slightly disturbing to this whole notion of separation of church and state.

I am concerned. I am concerned because I think our economy is going south in a big way. I am concerned because the new fruntrunners have no experience in responding to the challenges that face our country. I am concerned because people are more persuaded by generalities about “hope” in a prepared speech, than by actually being in the trenches and working to make real solutions for working people. Certain elites have all along been saying that Barack Obama’s support is drawn from more “educated” people, while scoffing at Hillary Clinton’s support amongst the working classes. Well perhaps those elites have less to lose with a president fumbling his way trying to learn on the job. They have secure incomes, investments and savings. But the exact people who have suffered the most under the failing policies of a president who had to “learn on the job” are the people who do support Clinton because they know that she has the vision and plan to get them to a better place. Don’t give me this, “Clinton is the corporate candidate” notion that the media is trying to paint.

I seriously hope that the rest of the country isn’t persuaded by the ridiculous, antiquated, anti-democratic ritual that goes on in Iowa. Of course the media will spin it and act like the contest is completely over and that the candidates are already decided. But I am thinking that since Britney Spears was hospitalized last night for intoxication, most Americans will be more tuned into that than the Iowa caucus results. Of course, those are the same people that probably vote based on the notions of celebrity and shallowness.

If the two candidates that won Iowa stand for the general election, then I am seriously crossing my fingers that Mike Bloomberg makes a run as a third party candidate. Now he has the leadership that doesn’t cause me to lie awake at night in fear of what is going to happen to the economy of this country. The alternative is well, let me just say that I think that I would prefer the buzzards and banshees.

Of course, I might be on the market for an opportunity to emigrate abroad to a country with a less frightening situation.

One thought on “What is wrong with Iowa?

  1. Bloomberg can best be described as faux…Faux New YorkerFaux EnvironmentalistFaux IndependentFaux Non-sexist & the Un-bigotFaux EverymanFaux self-confidence of ever getting elected as a person living in sin with a religion other protestant who is against Gun Ownership….These Quasi-aspirations display a real faux sense of the reality on the ground…mostly for us in NYC.

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