Its Oh So Quiet

I am back in rainy Seattle, but just to cheer myself up from coming back to such a dreary place here are a few final pictures from my trip home.

Ralph and his squeaky ball in Mom’s apartment in Pensacola:
The view from my parents’ backyard in Mississippi. The birdhouse is specifically for Purple Martins.
My favorite color of green, shiny magnolia leaves:

Here I am perambulating around the farm on a lovely, but chilly Mississippi day.

On this trip home, I think I realized why we believed that the banshee lived in a particular grove in the woods behind Ma-Maws house. I counted at least twelve buzzards overlooking me as I strolled below. It was kind of creepy, and definitely seemed like a place that death would haunt. I was afraid that the buzzards would team up and attack me on my solitary stroll, so I had to race out of that grove pretty fast. Twenty years later, who knew that one section of woods, even on a bright and sunny day could still terrify me?

Another view of Mom and Dad’s new house:

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