A Good Day Defined

This is an example of one good day. It begins in New Orleans and includes a trip here:

Which of course means that after a couple of beignets you end up looking like this:

And then you spend some time in Hattiesburg visiting with some charismatic children that you are related to that look like this:

This good day concludes by participating in this activity at dusk, preferably at a locale that is relatively isolated (like your parents’ farm in Walthall County, Mississippi):

That is a great day.

Second example of a great day:

Wake up to a beautiful December day in Pensacola, Florida. Go to the gym with your Mom and spend some time on the eliptical machine and then in the Body Pump class. Then, go to get your hair cut and colored so that it looks like this:

Then, spend the afternoon playing tennis with your Mom in the seventy degree Florida Sunshine. Realize that you can hit the ball much harder now that you actually have some muscles in your arms.

Conclude the day by making a good, healthy dinner, and then blowing it all by eating the Sprinkles cupcakes that you make from the mix you purchased at Williams-Sonoma. Pet a dog named Ralph for the rest of the evening while watching an SEC-ACC bowl game, sponsored by your favorite fast food restaurant.

Remember these good days and be grateful for them in the wake of unexpected tragedies and losses that remind you of the fragility of mortality.

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