A Post-Finals Update

After all of my papers were turned in for the term, I completely logged off the internet for awhile, while I caught up on my Christmas shopping. Perhaps in part because I haven’t been shopping for so long, I seriously scored when it came to some pretty great finds last week. Some of the finds include:

1. A fantastic olive green World War II military style wool coat from Nordstrom. I can’t help it, I put it on and I feel like some Soviet officer from World War II, trying to rout the Nazis out of Poland in the middle of winter.

2. A brown plaid BCBG shift dress.

3. The Disney DVD of my favorite Hayley Mills movie from the 1960’s “Summer Magic”.

4. After scouring the bookstores for some books to read during the break (can you believe that I have never read Mansfield Park), the best book find of the week was at the law library. I found the perfect book for me, International Law and Infectious Disease by David P. Fidler. Aside from attending Kansas as an undegrad, I basically would love to have this guy’s CV.

5. Some fantastic gifts for the people on my Christmas list, that I cannot mention here, in the off chance that someone actually reads my blog.

Finally, on Saturday, David and I saw Juno, which has been getting such rave reviews, I couldn’t wait another instant to see it. Even though they didn’t have any scenes together, I really was excited to see Michael and George Michael Bluth on one screen again. Perhaps because the movie has been getting such fantastic reviews, I was a little bit let down. It was quirky and clever, and five years ago, I am sure that I would have thought this was the best movie of the year. But sarcastic, quick-witted teenage girls aren’t the thrill that they once were to me. In fact, as a sign of just how much I have changed in the past few years, I actually was more affected by Jennifer Garner’s role than Ellen Page’s Juno. Sigh, I am getting old. Excellent soundtrack, though.

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