Gowns after Google

The last time I wrote, I stated that my wedding gown had not arrived yet. Well, now that doesn’t even have to become a stress, because I got a call from the bridal salon that it came in yesterday. However, since I am in the midst of trying to complete my end of the term assignments, the earliest that I have time to try it on is next Wednesday. This means that if it needs alterations, I might not be able to get that started until after I get back to Seattle in January. I am hoping that since the dress was made exactly to my measurements, it will not require too many alterations (except, I am being optimistic now, maybe some taking in). It does give me something to look forward to as a reward for finishing up my assignments, though.

And here is a follow up note on my assignments: If I do say so myself, I am an excellent researcher. Granted, I am still early on in my library career and I have alot to learn, but at this point, I feel okay about where I am in that regard. For one class, I have an assignment due on Monday that required me to find one person who had a research need and do that research for them. For the better part of my college and post-college career, this is the most useful function that I have served for people. I actually get excited when people ask me to find some information for them on a particular topic. When I worked in New York, I would tell my collegues to give their research questions for me when they had to answer a motion, and I would happily do their research. In college, I would volunteer to do research for friends’ papers. Even after being dumped by boys, I would still spend weekends researching their paper topics for them. So finally, this skill is actually being graded. I did research for my mom who is setting up a learning community of teachers to discuss how to apply differentiation strategies in middle school math classes. Although I had no idea what that meant when she gave me the topic, I am pretty pleased with the results that I found for her.

The next step is to get someone to pay me for researching for them full time. That is a bigger challenge than just being graded on your research skillz.

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