Less than Four Months to Go! Have some sugar!

I realize that our wedding planning is almost completely done, and I have scarcely posted a word about that process. I don’t know what all of these people are talking about when they describe wedding planning as being one of the most stressful things. Currently, the only thing that is causing me any amount of stress when it comes to wedding planning is whether or not David will ever get his suit delivered from Neiman Marcus. However, since it has been four months since I have ordered my gown, I am getting mildly nervous about that. But it isn’t anything remotely stressful at this point in time.

As far as the planning goes, we still have a few tasks to accomplish, like getting the music list squared away with the DJ (in other words, making sure that he plays exactly what I tell him to play); sending out our invitations (we should be getting them next week); collecting the RSVPs and planning the seating chart (a task that seems quite delicious to me in a very sinister sort of way); coordinating the day before the wedding activity with friends; coordinating the two days before the wedding dinner with family; and assorted other minor details. Thanks to the brilliance of the Mormon Temple Ceremony, I have virtually nothing to plan for the actual ceremony. Thanks to the efficiency of Disney, planning for all of the reception details has been pretty easy and was virtually done in our one day marathon of meetings with our wedding planner, chefs, and florist.

As much as I enjoyed the menu tasting and discussing beautiful flowers, my favorite thing to pick out was the cake. I am completely excited for the flavors we have chosen – bottom level: marble cake with white chocolate filling; third layer: almond cake with amaretto filling; second level – red velvet cake with cream cheese filling; top level – also marble cake with white chocolate filling. In order to pick the design of the cake, Disney sent us this great cd that had a power point presentation of about 100 different cake designs. All of these designs are created by the Disney bakers and cake designers at the Grand Floridian resort bakery. The cakes ranged in design from the fairly simple to the ridiculously large and ornate:

Or how about this one to top off your Disney experience?

Disney calls it “Bridge to Happiness.” I call it, one whiff away from a sugar/cheesiness induced coma.

David was fond of the Earthquake cake (which just coincidentally happened to be the most expensive cake on the list).

Something about the idea of an “Earthquake Cake” conjured up this disturbing mental image to me of starting out your marriage on a shaky foundation, and I just wasn’t an enthusiastic supporter of the notion.

Instead, I favored the cakes that had an Austen-like appeal to me. They seemed traditional and elegant in a very Sense and Sensibility-type way.

Unfortunately, David didn’t share my romantic sensibilities. So we didn’t select any of these cakes for our big day. I won’t ruin the surprise of what our cake will look like (there isn’t a picture anyway, because it isn’t a cake that Disney had done before exactly; we brought in some of our own elements).

Delicious cake, there is another incentive for people to come to Florida on March 28.

Wedding made simple, there is a big incentive for having your wedding reception at Disney World.

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