I am not a Husky.

Last night, David was so proud of me. For one evening, I actually played the part of a good fiancee and suspended my own personal biases and cheered for Utah’s basketball the team. The weird part is that it wasn’t that difficult. Apparently, I have alot of animosity towards the University of Washington, even though this is the school that I currently am attending. Last night at the Preseason NIT tournament game that we attended, I screamed, probably for the only time in my life, “Go Utes,” and actually meant it.

Background: I have hated the University of Utah basketball team since 1998 when they beat North Carolina in the Final Four. When it comes to basketball teams, I don’t forgive and forget.

When I went to the game, I thought that I would be apathetic as to who would win the game. I thought, either way I wouldn’t really care because both teams were mediocre and irrelevant. However, I hadn’t been sitting in my seat for longer than five minutes, when I realized how much I was going to cheer for Utah. As the game progressed, the reasons for this unexpected situation became clearer:

1. The Washington Student Section – These kids modeled themselves on the Cameron Crazies, as if someone had videotaped what those Duke morons do throughout the entire game, and the Husky student section did the exact same obnoxious activities. If you are going to be ridiculous and obnoxious, at least get your own schtick.

2. The Other Washington Fans – It is so unsurprising that UW is a school with no basketball tradition. Their fans are complete idiots. They booed the ref for making all sorts of obvious, fundamental calls. Sorry fans, it actually is called offensive goaltending to hit the ball in when it is sitting on the rim; Oh, and if your player slides across the floor (and hence travels) and ends up on the sideline, and then is subsequently bumped into by a Utah player, it isn’t a foul if your player is out of bounds. Carrying the ball is still illegal. Everytime a Washington player gets called for a foul, it isn’t the worst call ever made in the history of sports. My view is this – of you are going to have any credibility when it comes to booing the actual bad calls, you can’t boo everytime the whistle blows and it goes against your team.

3. Cheering against UW seems to be the only outlet that I have right now for airing my grievances about a few very terrible professors that I have at UW that I am just shocked ever were permitted to become professors. I take my education seriously, and I just get so frustrated with lazy, poor teaching that it engenders in me this irrational hatred for your university’s stupid basketball team.

Utah ended up losing, which was easy enough to get over (particularly because North Carolina survived a scare to beat Davidson in their season opener earlier in the day, and nothing about basketball can piss me off too much on a day that North Carolina wins), and I told David that he should remember the occasion when I actually cheered for Utah.

A note on Point #3: I am actually looking forward to Winter Quarter, because I will have two professors, that I hear are actually good teachers. The downside to this is that the two professors that I will have for my three classes Winter Quarter are both Duke grads. Yes, in the middle of college basketball season, my academic fate will be controlled by two Duke grads. This has me worried. My mom has already told me that I need to keep my mouth shut. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I haven’t found the button that I can push that keeps me from shooting my mouth off. Its really bad.

Note: There is another occasion upon which I might cheer for Utah – if they ever play Duke.

But back to this whole concern with my lack of control over my mouth, I don’t know why, but this has gotten worse lately. I like to think that I used to be a nice person, but maybe I just lacked self-awareness before. Now, I feel like these ridiculous things come out of my mouth all of the time because I see flaws everywhere. Perhaps if I wasn’t so much of a perfectionist I wouldn’t expect a perfectly well-ordered world around me, and get so frustrated when my expectations are not met. It is certainly the downside of being an idealist (and the same reason I don’t buy into Barack Obama’s candidacy, I just think that its necessarily a realistic way to approach the world).

This post has gone so far afield from my original thoughts about basketball. Basketball season just has this unintended effect of making me accutely introspective.

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