Scottish Ghosts for Halloween

Generally, Slate bugs me alot these days. This is generally because of their annoyingly biased campaign reporting in favor of Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign. I also think that several of their writers showed that they are bigots after writing what they did about Mormons a few months ago. Every so often though, they still manage to post an article or two that is worth reading. Kate Bolick is writing one fine travel series on looking for ghosts in Scotland. Not only is she making me want to spend weeks exploring Scottish castles even more than I already want to do, but she also linked he article to the Ghost Finders Scotland Paranormal Investigation & Research website. On their website you can hear sound clips of ghosts who speak in Scottish accents and other paranormal phenomena as witnessed in many historical Scottish locales.

I have to get to those castles soon. I have read so many histories about Mary Queen of Scots, maybe if I get to Borthwick Castle, I can ask her some questions that I have about her life myself!

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