Dad in Real Life

I saw the movie Dan in Real Life this weekend. It was very enjoyable. Steve Carrell plays very well those slightly unstable, yet good-hearted average Joes. Juliette Binoche was charming, as usual. In the movie, Dan has three daughters. The part that made me just burst in tears (which I don’t think was intended by the makers of the film, because everyone else was laughing), was one of the scenes when the middle child is yelling at her dad about how he is ruining her life. It just made me think of my poor dad, and how he had to put up with three very intense daughters, but particularly I, as the middle one, was just a total drama queen as an adolescent. It just made me feel so guilty.

Thanks Dad, for putting up with me anyway!

Here is a tribute to my Dad:

Dad in his young Navy days.

Dad and Sarah on his favorite vehicle.

Dad and his favorite dessert, strawberry ice cream.

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