A Quick Television Update

Last night’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm was so sad, it made me want to cry. I can’t believe that Cheryl left Larry. Poor Larry David just seemed so pathetic.

In better television news, a highly anticipated event approaches. Finally, My So-Called Life, the Complete Series, is being re-released on DVD on October 30. I have been waiting for this event for quite some time. When it was released on DVD before, I swear, they must have only released five copies and for five minutes only, because it was impossible to get. This time around, I already have my copy pre-ordered with Amazon, so I definitely will get it. Ever since my videotaped copy of “The Boiler Room” episode was mysteriously taped over when I was in law school with an episode of Star Trek Voyager, I have felt this significant loss from my adolescence. I know that I posted previously about my favorite moment from that episode, also my favorite moment of television of all time. It was probably the most significant television moment of high school. That same videotaped copy of that episode I watched with my friends Whitney and Drew my junior year of television, after Whitney and I went on and on about how Angela was the luckiest fictional television character of all time and Drew rolled his eyes over and over. We were walking out to Whitney’s car, and Drew came up behind me and did the Jordan Catalano hand grab, just to be funny, since we had just talked about how it was the greatest thing a boy could do to a girl. Considering that I really wasn’t much of a dater in high school, it was one of those moments of adolescence that stuck out in my mind. Then, we all went to Taco Bell.

I am just happy that I will be able to share My So-Called Life with future generations of over analytical teenage girls.

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