Civics for Jimmy and Janie

Since I am now a librarian (or at least I am training to be), I thought that periodically I should provide a link to some fascinating new website that I have discovered while assisting a patron or just looking for resources. Today’s websites have theme: Government Sponsored Websites for Children.

The first site is Ben’s Guide to US Government for Kids which is maintained by the GPO office. I appreciate this site for the cartoon caricature of Benjanmin Franklin (since that Office episode with the Ben Franklin impersonator, I have been obsessed with all things Ben Franklin). Who better to introduce children to US Government than a Pennsylvania Quaker who possibly kept French mistresses? Ben’s ABC’s are particularly informative.

For the Future Farmers of America, there is the AIPL kids website, which of course is the website for kids from the Animal Improvement Programs Labratory. Do you want to know about which state is the number one milk producer? Or who knows when the first cow arrived in America? Perhaps you just want to play a good old-fashioned game of Who Stole the World’s Milk Supply? All of that is available for you on this website in addition to learning about the genetic manipulation of America’s farm animals so that they can be even more delicious to us.

Finally, let me just say that as far as administrative agencies go, the Department of the Treasury puts all others to same with the sheer volume of their websites for children. They’ve of course got the Treasury Page for Kids. The Mint has a webiste called H.I.P. Pocket Change. But the best of the government money websites for kids has to be the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s Children Page. First off, they seriously have the most interesting website to look at. It is called “Money Central Station.” What kid wouldn’t want to go there? From Money Central Station, you can depart to Mt. Cashmore or the Dollarado Canyon. Who knew that Engraving and Printing could be so much fun? The IRS – you clearly have something to learn. Until you can make learning about paying taxes as much fun as learning about making money, you can’t possibly blame people for skipping out on their tax obligations can you?

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