My own Beauty Myth

So I have a new, extremely unhelpful obsession – skin care. Like my other new-founded physically based obsession, working out, I find that good skin care takes repetition and attention to detail. It pains me to admit that I can be so shallow as to spend so much time in recent weeks on these somewhat shallow pursuits, but I am a little bit vain sometimes. And I can’t help it, but I really want to have porcelain skin for my wedding in March. For most of my life people always complemented me on my good skin and it wasn’t something that I had to think much about but lately, I am overly concerned with the fact that too much time in the Florida sun with unprotected skin is now taking a toll on my face. The ladies at the Clarins counter at Nordstrom must be loving capitalizing on my insecurities. Even though they tell me that I look much younger than 29, they certainly know how to make me feel like my skin could age five years overnight.

Another lost soul to “The Beauty Myth.” I am sorry Naomi Wolf. I was your biggest supporter back in the day. The stronger they boast about their feminist ethics, the harder they can fall sometimes.

Hopefully, it is just another phase.

3 thoughts on “My own Beauty Myth

  1. I’ve been all over this thing too in the past month or so. maybe you can share your favorites when you find em — there is an overabundance of product out there!

  2. There really are way too many products. I think my problem in the past was wanting products to do everything. Lately, I have picked one skin issue and focused on it. My skin issue – discoloration from the sun. Answer: Clarins, Bright Product line. I think focus is the key, otherwise it is too overwhelming.

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