A Happy Update of an Old Post

When I turned over my cases when I quit my job, there were a few lingering cases to which I still felt particularly close. Last year I posted this blog about a Somali client whose asylum interview didn’t go perfectly and my sense of personal responsibility. After the interview, she and I worked hard to supplement her case with other materials. We waited and waited for a response. Finally, her response came this week and we were informed that she was granted asylum! It made me so happy! I worried so much about her case, and I just couldn’t imagine her having to leave this country that has become her safe haven over the past six years. I am glad that I was able to help her in whatever small way that it might have been. She is a good person who deserves to have a happy life away from conflict and threats to her and her children’s well being.

Sometimes, after a LONG time (she applied pro se for asylum in 2001), something good can finally happen and the federal government can make the right decision. It is refreshing when it happens. It feels good to have had some part in it and not having to feel like I screwed up someone’s life in some major way.

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