A Nerd Again

I have been trying to wait to post until I upload my pictures from Orlando, Marie and Dan’s wedding in Zions, and Las Vegas. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet gotten the camera cord to connect to the computer from David, so I still have not done this. However, I actually did purchase a new printer today that also has scanning capabilities, so I feel like my printing capabilities have finally moved into the 21st century.

It has been a busy first week back to school, but I am absolutely loving it. I can’t possibly understate this. I love it. I love being back in an academic environment all day. I love working in the law library. I love taking notes from reading assignments. In fact, it is Saturday night and I am getting excited to do a reading assignment for class on Tuesday.

This feeling is in direct contrast to my views that I expressed after seing the movie “Into the Wild” last night. I was complaining about how the central character, whatever his name is, happens to be, in my view, one of the most selfish people on the planet. In fact, I went so far as to say that his selfishness is what killed him in the wilderness of Alaska. He was so starved because he falsely believed that he didn’t need other people and that he was capable of doing all things on his own. Along the way of his journey, he successively and successfully blew off so many people whose lives he could have truly impacted, that is, were he not so selfish to only see the world in terms of what he wanted. He was blinded by his own ambition, when he hypocritically claimed that the materialist world in which we live blinds us from what is really important. Then, by the time he realized that life is only worth living when it is shared with others and when we are doing something to improve the lives of others, it was too late. Guess he should have realized that basic seasonal fact that springtime runoff from snow makes alpine rivers swell tremendously in size.

Here I am now, hypocritcally content with my own academic isolationism.

On a different note, here is something else good about today: I made a delicious fish po’ boy sandwich for dinner. It really was very tasty. My cornmeal crust was perfect.

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