Two weeks at the gym

What have I been doing since I have been home aside from attending high school football games and visiting Mississippi? Well, I have taken up my family’s favorite hobby and have been spending alot of time at the gym. Both of my sisters, as former athletes, have always been pretty big into exercising. We joke around with Sarah that she has exercise bulimia because of how much she works out. My mom was also pretty athletic in earlier days. Now again, in the past few years, my mom has been working out daily and looks better than ever. Well, feeling like the lazy slob in the family, because my working out is spotty and isolated at best, I have used these past couple of weeks to work out daily. This means taking the favored class amongst my family at the gym, Body Pump, which basically is the most strength training that I have ever done in my life. As a result of this, I have had some days where muscles that I didn’t know exisited on my body have been quite sore, but I truthfully feel better than ever. The goal is to keep this up when I get back to Seattle because I really do want to have toned arms and an actual waistline for my wedding dress. Unfortunately, my gym in Seattle doesn’t have the Body Pump program. I have learned alot about how a fitness program needs to include more than just cardiovascular fitness, but needs to incoporate strength training and flexibility for overall health.

The other benefit from taking Body Pump and spending time at the gym is that I have caught up on the latest in pop music. Just when I thought I didn’t recognize any of the songs played on popular radio, anymore. . .

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